Blood Banking Instruments

Syringe Needle Destroyer

Syringe Needle Destroyer    ETB-9011 

Scientific research has discovered that used syringe and needle are very dangerous to human which can cause incurable disease like AIDS, Hepatitis and many more. A unique machine has been developed by Edutek Instrumentation to destroy both i.e. needle and syringe in a Safe, Eco-freindly, Cost Effective manner. After switching ON, Insert the used needle to small hole provided and with in seconds the needle will be destroyed. Insert the syringe on the top of the machine in the big hole provided with a cutting blade, just pull the lever and syringe will be cut into two.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ETB-9011
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

Blood Bank Freezers

Blood bank Freezers   ETB-9001

These blood banks are designed to meet all modern requirements for conserving whole blood and other specific products used in medicine such as vaccines, reagents, cultures, processing and storing of blood.

Standard double walled construction, inner chamber made of stainless steel sheet, outer made of thick mild steel sheet powder coated paint and gap filled with glass wool for temp. Insulation. Complete with face lifting door having locking arrangement. Also having a transparent plexiglass door. Internal cabinet lighting is provided by lamp which is illuminated whenever door is open.

Temperature is maintained by a digital temp. Controller-cum-indicator within 4°C – 6°C and trigger audio-visual alarm in case of temp. Fluctuations. A door operation alarm is also provided along with power failure alarm as a safety device. Drawers have been provided to hold blood bottles or bags. A sealed compressor unit and cooling coil running throughout the chamber for thermal uniformity. It works on 220V AC 50Hz single phase. Whole unit is fitted with castor wheels for ease of mobility.
Capacity :
  • 85 ltr. - 50 blood bags
  • 165 ltr. - 110 blood bags
  • 200 ltr. - 160 blood bags
  • 280 ltr. - 240 blood bags
  • 400 ltr. - 300 blood bags

  • Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.
  • Weekly temperature recorder
  • Automatic voltage stabilizer 3 KVA

Note : In refrigerated equipments voltage stabilizer is must. Guarantee invalid in case of non use of stabilizer.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ETB-9001
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Blood Bag Sealer ETB-9004

Sealing operation is activated automatically when the tube is based in between the electrodes. Electrodes are made from high grade metal for perfect sealing. Caps provided in front of electrodes are removable, so it is easy to clean.
Tube Sealer is a compact instrument to seal the Blood Bag pilot tub by radio frequency sealing system, no haemolysis at Blood in the tube because Radio Frequency sealing seals the tube without damaging the blood cells inside, and easy separation of tube once the sealing is done, sealing can be achieved in less than 1.5 sec. per tube by simple operation.

LED's are provided for indications of:

  • Power
  • Ready
  • Seal
  • Ground

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ETB-9004

Blood Bank Monitor

Blood Monitor:
Item code: ETB-9003

Automatically checks on blood flow and blood collection with audio/visual alarm for high and low blood flow.

LCD display shows following parameters at a time:

  • Set volume of blood.
  • Shows volume of blood in a bag during collection.
  • Shows blood flow i.e. normal, high, low.
  • Shows time taken for the collection of set volume of blood.


Clamp gets operated automatically or manually to stop the blood flow collection when the set volume of blood is collected. Pausefunction is provided to temporary stop the flow of blood collection, but at the same time agitation will continue.

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: ETB-9003

    Blood Bank Scale

    Blood Bank Scale  ETB-9008

    Being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified, our company, Edutek Instrumentation (India) is one of the emerging manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Blood Bank Scale. These are used by blood banks, blood testing laboratories for weighing blood and counting the blood components. We manufacture these blood bank equipments under the supervision of our knowledgeable engineers using excellent quality materials & components. Offered bank scales can be shipped to any part of the world in a short time. Furthermore, our Blood Bank Scales can be obtained by our clients in various models.

    Special Features :

    • Capacity : 3 Kg.
    • Micro-contoller based.
    • Accuracy : 1g.
    • Easy conversion of weight to volume.
    • Tare function.
    • LCD display.

    Additional Feature :

    • Motor activated clamping at the end of process.
    • Audio-visual alarm at the end of process.
    • Blood bank scale with built in interface to integrate an electronic plasma extractor.
    • Volume can be set in 1g/ml. increments.

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: ETB-9008

    Platelet Agitator with Incubator

    Platelet Agitator with Incubator   ETB-9006

    Double walled construction, outer made of mild steel duly powder coated and inner chamber made of stainless steel sheet. Platelet incubator with agitator has Microprocessor based PID temperature controller for controlling accuracy of /- 0.1°C. Platelet incubator with agitator provide smooth platelet agitation of 70 /-2 RPM to increase platelet viability. Forced air cooling unit in platelet incubator with agitator maintains uniform temperature.


    • Platelet incubator with agitator also has 7 days temperature chart recorder.
    • Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: ETB-9006
    • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

    Plasma Extractor

    Plasma Extractor   ETB-9012

    We offer micro controller based plasma extractors, designed for automatic separation of blood components from the blood bag. These extractors have spring-loaded front panel that exerts pressure on the collection container leading the entire fluid to transfer and the process continues till container is emptied or clamped off.

    Specification of Plasma Extracter

    The Plasma Extractor is designed to express. Blood components from blood collection bags. The Main bag is to be placed between the fixed stainless steel and movable transparent plate where the power spring load provides pressure to transfer the fluid into designated satellite bag.


    • Wide Safe Component It gives a wide and safe component separately and the operator can effortlessly pull the bag set apart.
    • Manual Plasma Extractor This device provides the separation of erythrocytes, buffy coat, platelet poor plasma and platelet rich plasma concentrates.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: ETB-9012

      Donor Couch

      Blood Donor Couch - ETB-9002

      The Mobile Blood donor chair frame made of stainless steel construction of heavy gauge pipe with seat of high class washable fabric and high density foam inside the seat, provided with arm support adjustable with knob at the side, head rest provided with the chair, fully and semi reclining position of the chair as per the desire of the user, arm support padded with cushioned material, seat surface divided in two or three parts suitable for the weight up to 120 kegs.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETB-9002
        • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

        Blood Tube Roller Mixer

        Blood Roller Mixer   ETB-9014

        • The product is used for mixing and blending of the blood, powder reagents, total blood control materials in the anticoagulation tube or bottle.It is proved of being more accurate and effective than the manual mixing by the Delhi Clinical Inspection Center as well as the Big Hospital all over that India.
          According to different requirements, it can be rolling mixing, anticlockwise rolling and speed adjustable. It is an ideal instrument for clinical lab.
        • Technical parameter:



        Shaking: 0-80times/min

        Rolling: 0-80turns/min

        Swing amplitude










          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ETB-9014

          Low Temperature Cabinets

          Low Temperature Cabinets   ETB-9010

          These quick freezers are designed for quick freezing and storing of blood components. Serum, vaccines. Biological and medical specimens. Clinical samples etc. at low temperatures.

          These freezers are with specially engineered superior insulation and specially designed refrigeration system. Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of sheet steel powder coated colour combination while the interior of stainless steel having puf insulation to minimize heat loss.


          Capillary controlled balanced hermetically sealed refrigeration is most economical, trouble free and exceptionally quiet. Temperature controlled by digital electronic indicator-cum-controller. Counter balanced door provided for easy access to chamber and inside acrylic door to avoid temperature loss.


          • Temperature range: 20C, 30°C, 70°C .
          • Available in horizontal or vertical designs.
          • It works on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

          Capacity :

          • 55 ltr / 2 cu ft.
          • 120 ltr / 4.5 cu ft.
          • 170 ltr / 6 cu ft.
          • 280 ltr / 10 cu ft.
          • 425 ltr / 15 cu ft.
          • 650 ltr / 23.5 cu ft.


          Optional :

          • Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.

            Additional Information:
            • Item Code: ETB-9010

            Plasma Thawing Bath

            Plasma Thawing Bath  ETB-9009

            Micro Controller based Plasma Thawing Bath, which is a tabletop model, for quick thawing of plasma at 37 ºC. In this the temperature is controlled by micro controller based temperature controller. Our range is designed to safely and reliably thaw fresh frozen plasma (FFP) for the recovery of cryoprecipitate ant hemophilic factor (AHF) and in this the temperature is preset at 4ºC and maintained with ±0.2ºC stability.

            Special Features:-

            • Audio-visual alarm if temperature deviates from preset temperature.
            • Display of Set value & Process value.
            • Smooth acrylic tray for accommodating Plasma Bags.
            • Integrated pump for internal circulation maintains precise temperature uniformity throughout the liquid medium.
            • Rounded corners for better water circulation and uniformity.
            • Formed in place PUF insulation improves temperature stability and energy efficiency


            Optional :

            • Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.

            Additional Information:
            • Item Code: ETB-9009

            Cryo Bath

            Cryo Bath   ETB-9007
            • Double walled construction with inner S.S. argon welded one piece pot which avoids leakages.
            • 2" Thick Insulation ensures stable temperature with reduced energy consumption.
            • CFC Free hermitically sealed Emerson Copeland make compressor for better cooling with R 134 A (Eco friendly) refrigerant with time delay to safe guard compressor.
            • Circulation pump is provided for better uniformity of Temperature instead of stirrer.
            • Side mounted circulating pump 15 ltr. /min capacity, single phase, 230 Volts.
            • Top mounted removable lid.
            • S.S. Tubular heater (water immersion type) is used at bottom for better heat distribution.

            Temperature Control :-

            By means of Imported Microprocessor based auto tuned PID controller with CE mark & dual display of set value & process value.

            Safety Features:-

            • Safety audio visual alarms for temperature overshoot & undershoot.
            • Compressor ON delay timer (2 min.) to safe guard the compressor.

            Optional :

            • Digital temp. indicator-cum-controller with computer data logger.

            Additional Information:
            • Item Code: ETB-9007
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