Civil Engineering Equipment

Coriolis Component Of Acceleration

Coriolis components of Acceleration
Item code: ETE-2107

The Equipment shall have following test facility:

Coriolis components of Acceleration can be determined at various speeds of rotation at water flow rates.

Parts/Component Details:
1) Main Tank Fabricated out of fiberglass plastic sheet.
2) Rotating Arms 9 mm/ 6mm orifice diameter, 300mm long.
3) Rotameter 300 to 3000 LPH
4) Electrical Motor D C. Swinging field, 0.5 H.P. 50 RPM.
5) Mono-block Pump Single phase, pump with Motor 2400 LPM discharge.
6) Control Unit consisting of a) pump switch, b) Speed
Control, c) Speed Indicator d) Main Switch.
7) Rigid Support Structures

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: ETE-2107

    Cam Analysis Machine

    Item code: ETE-2105

    Apparatus is a motorized unit consisting of a camshaft driven by a variable speed motor. The shaft runs in a double bearing. The free end of the camshaft has a facility to mount the cam easily.

    The follower is properly guided in gunmetal bushes and the type of follower can be changed according to the cam under test. Graduated circular protractor is fitted co-axial with the shaft. And a Dial Gauge fitted on the follower shaft is used to note the follower displacement for the angle of cam rotation. A spring is used to provide controlling force to the follower system. Weights on the follower shaft can be adjusted as per the requirement. An arrangement is provided to regulate the speed. The apparatus is very useful- for testing the cam performance for jump phenomenon during operation. On this apparatus the effect of change of inertia forces on jump action of earn-follower during operation can be observed. It is useful for testing various cam & follower pairs. Three cams and three followers will be supplied with the apparatus. Theses are already hardened to reduce the wear.


    With the help of combination of provided cams and followers following experiments can be conducted:

    • To plot the n-Q (Follower displacement Vs Angle of rotation) curves for different cam follower pairs
    • The follower bounce can be observed by using a stroboscope (Optional) & effect of follower weight on bounce can be studied.
    • To study the effect of follower weight on bounce
    • To study the effect of spring compression on bounce
    • The tests can be repeated by changing compression springs, follower weights and cam speed.

    Utilities Required

    • Electricity 0.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase
    • Stroboscope(Optional)

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: ETE-2105

      Journal Bearing Apparatus

      Item code: ETE-2109

      The apparatus consists of a plain steel shaft excavated in a bearing and directly driven by a FHP Motor. The bearing is freely supported on the shaft and sealed at the motor end. The speed of the motor is controlled accurately by the speed control unit and it can be made run in both directions. Twelve equal-spaced pressure taping around the circumference and four along the axis are provided and are connected to manometer by PU Tubing so that the pressure head of oil in all tubes can be observed at a time. The bearing can be loaded by attaching weights to the arm supported beneath it.


      • To study the pressure profile of lubricating oil at various conditions of load and speed
      • Plotting the Cartesian polar pressure curves
      • To measure the frictional torque and power transmit

      Utilities Required

      • Electric supply : 230 V AC, Single Phase.
      • Bench area : 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 m
      • Tachometer to find out RPM of journal
      • Oil SAE 40 about 5 Ltrs.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: ETE-2109

      Epicyclic Gear Train & Holding Torque Appartus

      Item code: ETE-2106

      Gear Train is any combination of gear wheels by which motion is transmitted from one shaft to another shaft. In Epicyclic gear trains, the axes of shafts on which the gears are mounted may move relative to a fixed axis. It is a motorized unit consisting of a SUN gear mounted on input shaft. Two plane gear meshes with the annular gear. These planet gears are mounted on a common arm to which output shaft is fitted. Loading arrangement is provided for loading the system and to measure holding torque.


      • To measure Epicyclic gear ratio between input shaft and output shaft (Actual and Theoretical),
      • To measure input torque, holding torque and output torque.

      Utilities Required

      • Power Supply : 220 V AC, Single Phase.
      • Floor Area:1.5 x 2 m.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2106

        Universal Governor Apparatus

        Item code: ETE-2115

        The set-up is designed to study the working of different governors normally used to control the speed. It consists of a main spindle, mounted vertically on the base plate. This spindle is driven by a variable speed Motor which is also mounted vertically on the same base plate. Anyone governor assembly out of four can be mounted on spindle. Speed control unit controls the spindle speed. A graduated scale is fitted to the sleeve to measure the displacement.


        Determination of characteristic curve of a sleeve position against speed of rotation for all governors

        • To study the effect of varying the mass of the center sleeve in Porter and Proell Governor
        • To study the effect of varying the initial spring compression in Hartnell Governor
        • To study the determination of characteristics curves of radius of rotation against controlling force (Actual & Theoretical) for all governors

        Utilities Required

        • Power Supply: 230 V AC, Single Phase.
        • Floor Space: 1.5 x 1.5 m
        • Tachometer to find out RPM


        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2115

        Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

        Item code: ETE-2114

        This equipment is designed for carrying out the experiment for balancing a rotation mass system. The apparatus consists of a steel shaft fixed in a rectangular frame. A set of four blocks with a clamping arrangement is provided. For static balancing, each block is individually clamped on shaft and its relative weight is found out using cord and container system in terms of number of steel balls. For dynamic balancing, a moment polygon is drawn using relative weights and angular and axial position of blocks is determined. The block are clamped on shaft is rotated by a motor to check dynamic balance of the system. The system is provided with angular and longitudinal scales and is suspended with chains for dynamic balancing.


        • To balance the masses statically and dynamically of a single rotating mass system
        • To observation of effect of unbalance in a rotating mass system

        Utilities Required

        • Electricity 0.5kW, 220V, Single Phase

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2114

        Slip & Creep Measurement Apparatus in Belt Drive

        Item code: ETE-2112

        This apparatus is useful for measurement of power transmitted for various input power conditions with varied belt tension. Belt slip or creep also can be measured. The apparatus consists of a variable speed D.C. Motor, driving pulley and driven pulley of equal diameters. The pulleys are mounted on input shaft (motor shaft) and output shaft. The driven pulley can slide on the base only with bearing block to change the initial tension in belt. Brake drum is mounted on the output shaft, which helps to measure power output. The motor speed is varied by Thyristor Control D.C. Drive. A double channel digital speed indicator indicates driving and driven pulley speeds. With the help of Stroboscope (not in the scope of supply) it is possible to demonstrate the slip of belt on driving and driven pulley.


        • To measure co-efficient of friction between pulley material and different belt materials.
        • To measure power transmitted with varied belt tension.
        • To measure percentage slip at fixed belt tension by varying load on the Brake drum and plot the graph of (T1- T2) v/s percentage slip i.e. "Slip Characteristics" Finding a Creep Zone from graph.
        • To measure belt slip speed and observe the limiting value of load at constant speed when the slip just starts
        • To study creep of belt

        Utilities Required

        • Electricity 0.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase
        • Stroboscope

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2112

        Motorized Gyroscope

        Item code: ETE-2111

        The set up consists of heavy disc mounted on a horizontal shaft, rotated by a variable speed motor. The rotor shaft is coupled to a motor mounted on a trunion frame having bearings in a yoke frame, which is free to rotate about vertical axis. A weight pan on other side of disc balances the weight of motor. Rotor disc can be move about three axis. Torque can be applied by calculating the weight and distance of weight from the center of rotor. The gyroscopic couple can be determined.


        • Experimental justification of the equation T = 1 w. wp for calculating the gyroscopic couple by observation and measurement of results for independent vibrations in applied couple T and precession wp.
        • To study the gyroscopic effect of a rotating disc
        • Observation of gyroscopic effect of rotating disc

        Utilities Required

        • Electric supply: 230 V AC, Single Phase.
        • Bench area: 1m x 1m

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2111

        Michell Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus

        Item code: ETE-2110

        The apparatus consists of a pad, which can be tilted to the required angle. An endless belt, which moves, beneath the pad, carries the oil over its surface from oil bath. When the pad is tilted over the oil film, pressure is developed, the pad is provided with pressure tapings parallel and perpendicular to belt direction. The pressure distribution is measured over a multi tube manometer. A variable speed motor drives the belt. The tilting angle and minimum gap between pad and belt can be adjusted and characteristics thus can be studied at various gaps, inclination and relative surface speeds.


        • Demonstration of pressure development
        • Plotting pressure variation curve in longitudinal & transverse direction of a pad for various speeds and pad inclination
        • Demonstration of cavitations phenomenon

        Utilities Required

        • Power Supply: 230 V AC, Single Phase.
        • Floor space: 1m x 1.5 m (approx).
        • SAE-40 oil for carrying the test (approx 3 Ltrs.)

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2110

        Whirling Of Shafts Demonstrator

        Item code: ETE-2118

        The set up is designed to study the whirling of shafts. The set-up consists of a sturdy M.S. frame, variable speed motor bearing holders etc. Different bearing can be fitted in bearing block to have different end conditions i.e. (i) both end fixed, (ii) one end free and one end fixed etc. A variable speed motor is provided to drive the shaft along with speed control unit as the test is destructive, hence the shaft cannot be used again.


        • Display of various modes of whril for a shaft with:
          • a) Both ends directionally fixed.
          • b) One ends fixed and other free
          • c) Both ends directionally free.
        • Modes of vibrations can be studied and frequency can be measured in each case.

        Utilities Required

        • Floor area of 2m x 0.5 m
        • Electric supply of 230V, AC

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2118

        Lathe Tools Dynamometer

        Product Details:
        • Model: ETE-2120
        • Usage: Laboratory

        Item code: ETE-2120

        This is an armed wheel type strain gauge Drill Tool Dynamometer designed to measure thrust and torque during drilling operation. This dynamometer is suitable for drilling a hole up to 25mm size in Mild Steel. Drilling tool dynamometer is a Rigid in construction, Compact Unit, Easy in handling and Assessment of cutting forces by giving due consideration to various parameters like depth of cut, material, speed and feed. It has Digital force indicators to measure three forces simultaneously

        • To measure force values in three directions.

        • To study the change in these forces by varying speed cut and feed.

        Utility Required
        • Necessary Drilling Machine with automatic feed arrangement and tooling and 230 Volts, Single phase, 50 Hz stabilized power supply.

        Technical Details
        • Mechanical sensing unit and work piece holder with strain gauges.

        • Two channel Digital Force Indicator with balancing potentiometers and polycarbonate front plate.

        • Over all size of mechanical unit – 300 x 300 mm.

        • X force.

          • 0 to 500 Kg.

        • Y force

          • 0 to 500 Kg.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2120

        Milling Tool Dynamometer

        Item code: ETE-2122

        This is a simple and easy to understand set up to study the behavior of cutting forces during milling operation in three directions. With this unit students can evaluate cutting forces for varying cutting depth, speed and feed. The unit works on standard method of Octagonal ring with strain gauges. It is in two parts one mechanical set up consisting a set of octagonal rings sandwiched between two M.S. plates with strain gauges fixed on it. This set of octagonal rings transmits the relevant data to the force indicator during milling operation. Milling tool dynamometer is a Rigid in construction, Compact Unit, Easy in handling and Assessment of cutting forces by giving due consideration to various parameters like depth of cut, material, speed and feed. It has Digital force indicators to measure three forces simultaneously

        Scpoe of experimentation

        • To measure force values in three directions.

        • To study the change in these forces by varying speed cut and feed.

        Utility Required
        • Necessary Milling Machine with automatic feed arrangement and tooling and 230 Volts, Single phase, 50 Hz stabilized power supply.

        Technical Details
        • Mechanical sensing unit with set of octagonal rings and strain gauges.

        • Three channel Digital Force Indicator with balancing potentiometers and polycarbonate front plate.

        • Range of force measurement in coordinate direction – 0 to 500 Kg.

        • Over all size of mechanical unit – 300 x 300 mm


        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2122

        Drilling Tool Dynamometer

        Item code: ETE-2123

        This is an armed wheel type strain gauge Drill Tool Dynamometer designed to measure thrust and torque during drilling operation. This dynamometer is suitable for drilling a hole up to 25mm size in Mild Steel. Drilling tool dynamometer is a Rigid in construction, Compact Unit, Easy in handling and Assessment of cutting forces by giving due consideration to various parameters like depth of cut, material, speed and feed. It has Digital force indicators to measure three forces simultaneously

        • To measure force values in three directions.

        • To study the change in these forces by varying speed cut and feed.

        Utility Required
        • Necessary Drilling Machine with automatic feed arrangement and tooling and 230 Volts, Single phase, 50 Hz stabilized power supply.

        Technical Details
        • Mechanical sensing unit and work piece holder with strain gauges.

        • Two channel Digital Force Indicator with balancing potentiometers and polycarbonate front plate.

        • Over all size of mechanical unit – 300 x 300 mm

        • X force

          • 0 to 500 Kg

            Y force

          • 0 to 500 Kg

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2123

        Gear Pump Test Rig

        Item code: ETE-2130

        a) Test rig consists of a gear pump of size 25mm.x 25mm. coupled to an 1 HP AC Motor and fitted on a rigid iron stand made of M.S. angles. Oil circulates in a closed cycle from an M.S. reservoir tank of size 100 liters. through the pump to an M.S. collecting tank of size 45 liters. The tanks are provided with gauge glass scales and are fitted to the stand to form a compact unit. Suitable pipe lines with pressure and vacuum gauges connect the pump suction line to the reservoir and delivery line to the collecting tank. A modified gate valve to prevent accidental complete closure is provided in the delivery line to control delivery pressure.
        b) Other standard accessories include switch, stopwatch and energy meter.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2130

        Calandria Evaporator

        Item code: ET-2145

        Evaporation deals with the concentration of a non-volatile solute from a solution by the removal of required amount of volatile solvent. Usually the solvent is water. By vaporizing a part of the solvent, useful product i.e. the concentrated solution or thick liquor is produced and the vapour is discarded. Long tube evaporators are usually used for the concentration of foamy liquids. It is a short tube vertical evaporator; the tubes are surrounded by a Stainless Steel jacket and fitted with accumulator. Dilute solution is feed to evaporator and heated by Steam from a steam generator to concentrate the dilute feed solution to a desired level. The jacket is fitted with a steam trap and the condensate is collected at the end of trap. The vapours of volatile solvent are condensed in a shell & tube type condenser and the balance non-volatile solute collected in the accuI1mlator is recycled through the evaporator

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2145

        Double, Triple Effect Evaporator

        Double/ Triple Effect Evaporator
        Item code: ET-2151 


        Double/Triple-effect evaporator
        1) Continuous feeding and discharge
        2) Surface polishing
        3) SUS 304/316

        Double/Triple-effect Evaporator


        This concentrator is suitable for concentrating the fluid materials of traditional medicine, western medicine, grape sugar, starch, gourmet powder, food and milk products, chemical idustry, especially for thermal sensitive matter low temperature vacuum concentration.


        You can select the series concentrator in technical parameters according to your concentration degree.
        1. The device uses the modes of outer-heated natural cycle and vacuum negative pressure evaporation featuring swift evaporation with concentration proportion of 1.4.

        2. The concentrator uses triple-effect to synchronously vapor, which to utmost extent utilize the second vapor. The client can lower investment in boiler and the energy consumption can be 70% less than that of the single-effect concentrator. It is about less than one year that the client can
        withdraw the investment in the concentrator.

        3.Feature of multiple-function operation:

        The reclaimable alcohol concentration is about 80% .

        The triple-effect can concentrate three different materials.

        The single-effect,dual-effect and triple-effect can collect cream together time after time.

        The intermittent and continuous material feeding is available.

        The one-off cream formation is available. The material input is finished by the first effect and after the second and third-effect , the finished cream is available one-off.

        4. The special structure of concentrator can bring the concentrated material thick taste and even cream quality. The concentration under the seal and non-bubble condition can prevent material loss and pollution. The present material can be concentrated presently, which features
        immune to block and convenient cleaning which can be make just by opening the up and down covers and can be make by one person.

        5. Material

        The part inside the concentrator in contact with the material is made with stainless steel . The thermal layer made with polyurethanes available at the heater and evaporator. The surface is treated with sand grinding and surface polishing, meeting with the GMP standard

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2151

        Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

        Item code: ETE-2127

        Set up consists of a centrifugal pump coupled with electrical motor, supply tank,measuring tank & pipe fittings for closed loop water circulation. Pressure and vacuum gauges are connected on delivery and suction side of pump for the purpose of measurement. The flow rate of water is measured using measuring tank and stop watch provided.


        to determine overall efficiency and pump efficiency of

        to plot head vs. Discharge, pump efficiency vs.


        • closed loop water circulation
        • compact & stand-alone set up
        • stainless steel tanks and wetted parts
        • superb painted structure
        • simple to operate & maintain

        Utilities required:

        Electric supply

        provide 230 +/- 10 vac, 50 hz, single

        earth voltage less than 5 vac. ) 5a, three pin socket with switch for pump.

        Water supply

        tap water connection ½” bsp

        Technical details:

        Product centrifugal pump test rig



        Supply tank

        Measuring tank


        Stop watch

        Control panel

        With required electrical instrumentation


        GI/ PVC

        Capacity 75 ltrs. Moc ss fitted with piezometer tube & scale

        Capacity 120 ltrs. Moc ss

        DC motor with dc drive along with non-contact type digital rpm indicator

        capacity 1 hp speed 2800 rpm (max. ), head 12m(max. ), make kirloskar

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2127

        Universal Vibration Apparatus

        Item code: ETE-2117

        The apparatus provided comprehensive unit to perform the vibration experiments. A universal frame is provided upon which quick and easy assembly of various experiments can be done. The unit is self-contained to safely store spares. The students can easily assemble the experiments and study the theory of vibrations practically.


        Following experiments can be performed with this unit:

        • To verify the relation simple pendulum.

        • To verify the relation of compound pendulum & to determine the radius of gyration.

        • To study radius of gyration of bi-filar suspension.

        • To study the undamped free vibration of spring mass system.

        • To study the longitudinal vibration of helical coiled spring.

        • To study the forced vibration of simply supported beam for different damping.

        • Undamped torsional vibrations of single rotor system.

        • Undamped torsional vibrations of double rotor system.

        • To study the damped torsional vibration of single rotor system and to determine the damping co-efficient.

        • Verification of Dunker ley's Rule.

        • To study the forced damped vibration of spring mass system.

        • Floor Space: 2.5 m x 2.5 m approx.

        • Power Supply: 230V AC, 5 Amp. with earth.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ETE-2117

        Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus

        Item code: ET-2146

        Known for their creativity and brilliance, our appointed team of professionals are largely capable of manufacturing a wide gamut of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus. In addition to our serious commitment to come up with quality approved products, we are involved in experimenting with these in order to make it more efficient. Owing to this, our organization has been quite comfortable in resisting pressure flows out of the competitive market.


        Some advantages are:


        • Precisely designed

        • Accurate dimension

        • High durability

        • Excellent strength




        • Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 3 kW

        • Floor area 3 m x 2 m

        • Finned tubes 17 mm. I. D., 20 mm. O. D., 0.5 mtr

        • long tube with 50 mm. O. D. fins - 25 Nos

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2146

        Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus

        Item code: ET-2144

        Abiding by the rules and regulations of the organization in compliance with the global standards, we are enthusiastically engaged in offering a reliable array of Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus. Our clients appreciate and demand our range largely as it has the capacity to pour their respective demands with desired results. Additionally, our product range has following attributes:


        • Deliver desired result

        • User friendly

        • Long service life

        • High efficiency




        • Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 2 kw

        • Table for setup support

        • Dia.200 mm (approx.) made of Copper

        • 20 mm Dia. x 1.5 mm thickness made of Copper

        • Dia. 250 mm (approx.) made of Stainless Steel

        • Stainless steel 12 Ltrs. Cap


        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2144

        Cornish Boiler Model

        Item code: ET-2167

        In appearance this boiler model is similar to Lancashire boiler with the difference that one fire tube passes from end to end.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2167

        Combined Coil & Belt Friction Apparatus

        Item code: ET-2153

        We are one of the accredited manufacturers and suppliers of a wide assortment of Combined Coil & Belt Friction Apparatus. These apparatus are manufactured using high quality raw material under the supervision of quality engineers. All the products offered by us are designed in compliance with international quality standards. Clients can avail these product from us in various sizes, dimensions and other specifications.




        • Robustness

        • Sturdy designing

        • Anti-corrosive

        • Low maintenance

        • Smooth surface finish


        Other information:


        • Metallic pulley of 30 cm diameter

        • Two grooves, one for rope and the other for belt

        • A circular wooden disc is provided

        • A rotating pulley is fixed at the circumference of the scale

        • Heavy vertical stand

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2153

        Kinematic Pairs

        Item code: ET-2157

        Owing to the technologically advanced manufacturing facilities, we have been able to offer a range of Kinematic Pairs. These pairs are developed and designed using high grade raw material which is procured from trusted vendors of the market. All the pairs offered by us are manufactured in accordance with industry laid norms and guidelines. Adding to this, Our entire range of products are stringently tested on the basis of physical and chemical parameters to ensure the quality of products.




        • Robustness

        • Sturdy construction

        • High performance

        • Superb finish

        • Longer service life


        Other information:


        • Different types of pairs are provided such as sliding pairs, turning pair, rolling pair, screw pair, spherical pair, completely constrained motion, gear wheels and two types of links

        • All pairs mounted on a wooden board

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2157

        Digital Heat Treatment Furnace

        Item code: ET-2169

        Light weight with ceramic fibre wooled insulation (instead of brick insulation). The outer casing is made of double walled thick P.C.R.C. sheet, reattached with thick perforated sheet on the bottom portion, powder coated. Heating elements are made of KANTHAL "A-1" wire and backed by high temperature cerwool insulation, which avoids loss of energy. Digital Temperature controller unit consists of Energy Regulator, fitted in front of furnace with two pilot lamps. To work on 220/230 volts. Maximum Temp. is 1200ºC and working Temp. 1100ºC

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2169

        Screw Jack Apparatus

        Item code: ET-2162

        Apparatus consists of a metallic machined screw with a pitch of 5 mm carrying a double flanged turned table of about 20 cm dia. Screw jack is fitted on a heavy C.I. base and is supplied complete with 2 adjustable pulleys, cord and hooks

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2162

        Inversion of Four Bar Mechanism

        Item code: ET-2155

        We have gained expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide and remarkable range of Inversion of Four Bar Mechanism. These four bar mechanism are manufactured using high quality aluminum or other metals which is procured from reliable vendors of the market. All the bars offered by us are widely appreciated by our valuable clients for its high quality and high efficiency.




        • Sturdiness

        • Corrosion resistant

        • Optimum performance

        • Easy operation


        Other information:


        • Mounted on a wooden board of size 90 x 60 cm

        • Angular and linear scales for determining displacement of points in links


        Following mechanism will be on the board:

        • Locomotive Coupling Bar Mechanism or link mechanism

        • Beam Engine Mechanism

        • Ackerman steering gear mechanism

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2155

        Abrasive Disc Cut Off Machine

        tem code: ET-2165

        General purpose abrasive saw suitable for site use. Supplied with abrasive disc suitable for metal-cutting but will cut concrete with correct blade fitted. Trigger operated, 2200W motor and hardened gears give smooth transmission of power. Fitted with mitre vice.

        Technical Details:

        ♦ General purpose abrasive saw suitable for site use.
        ♦ Supplied with abrasive disc suitable for metal-cutting but will cut concrete with correct blade fitted.
        ♦ Trigger operated, 2200W motor and hardened gears give smooth transmission of power.
        ♦ Coolant Tank with 20 liters capacity
        ♦ Coolant Recirculation Pump

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2165

        Double Disc Metallurgical Polishing Machine

        Item code: ET-2170

        We offer premium quality range of double desk polishing machine extensively used for polishing metallographic samples. Procured from our reliable vendors these are provided with double disc, driven by high torque DC motor. The paper holding band and water faucet enhances dry/wet grinding and assist in final lapping. Used for microscopic observation to study metal structures, these machines are finely polished to ensure smooth, scratch free and mirror like appearance that enable accurate metallographic interpretation.

        Technical Details:

        ♦ Motor Capacity: ½ Hp AC
        ♦ Discs Diameter: 8 inch each
        ♦ Supply: 15 Amps, 230V, Single phase

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2170

        Worm Gear

        Item code: ET-2160

        Available with us is a superior quality range of Worm Gear. These gears are developed and designed using high quality raw material employing latest tools and techniques. All the products offered by us are widely appreciated by our respectable customers for their variable excellent features such as high durable standards and high efficiency.




        • Smooth surface finish

        • Low maintenance

        • Robust construction

        • Sturdiness

        • Optimum performance

        • Less noise and vibration


        Other information:


        • High quality worm drives are provided which helps in reducing rotational speed

        • Widely used in presses, rolling mills and mining industry

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2160

        Dropwise & Filmwise Condensation Apparatus

        Item code: ET-2152

        Range of Experiment to be Carried Out :
        • Observe and see the condensation phenomena.
        • Calculate the Inside, Outside & Overall heat transfer coefficient during condensation.
        • To calculate Pr, Re & Nu number in drop & film condensation.
        • The experiments can be conducted at various input pressure & calculation can be made accordingly.
        Experimental Setup :
        • Steam Generator : 8 Ltr Capacity.
        • Electrical Heater for steam generator 2 Kw.
        • Drop & Film condensation walls.
        • Cooling water measuring cylinder with stop watch.
        • Enclosure toughen glass assembly.
        • Set of thermocouples.

        Control Panel :

        12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator Heater On/Off Switch. Main's On/Off Switch. Voltmeter :0 - 250 V.Ammeter :0 - 15 A.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: ET-2152

        Experimental Water Cooling Tower

        Experimental Water Cooling Tower:
        Item code: ET-2135
        Engineering Laboratory Equipments is recognized as the premier manufacturer, exporters and suppliers of Experimental Water Cooling Tower We, at Engineering Laboratory Equipments has a vision to develop & design Experimental Water Cooling Tower so as to meet the customers requirement through continual endeavor & innovation. Our company is well managed with a team of highly qualified personnel with an experience of more than two decades and active involvements in foreign business to develop.

        The set-up is designed to demonstrate and study of heat & mass transfer during the process in a forced draft counter flow type water cooling tower.
        The set up consists of specially designed; SS vertical tower packed with aluminium mesh packing, fitted with front side acrylic window to provide actual visualization of cooling tower operation.
        The air from a blower enters at lower end of tower and after passing through the mesh packing leave the column from top outlet to atmosphere. Counter – currently hot water from water bath is evenly distributed over the packing by nozzles at top of the tower using circulation pump.

        An arrangement is made to vary and measure the airflow rate & temperatures at different locations in the tower. The hot water bath is provided with level gauge enables to show the exact evaporation loss. The temperature of water in bath can be independently varied to simulate different conditions using digital temp


        • Actual visualization of the cooling tower operation
        • To find out mass transfer coefficient, plot pressure drop per unit height with airflow rate


        • Superb Painted structure
        • Simple to operate & maintain
        • Compact & stand alone set up

        Utilities Required

        • Water Supply & Drain
        • Electricity Supply: 1Phase, 220 V AC, 0.5 kW
        • Instruments, Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals required for analysis as per the system adopted


          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ET-2135

          Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

          Item code: ET-2137

          We are offering our clients with a wide range of finned tube heat exchanger that is available for various air flows 500 CFM to 50000 CFM and with heating temperature starts from the 50 Deg. C to 120 Deg. C in normal case. These are used in various industries for heating continuous flow of air to required temperature by using steam as heating media. Further, these can also be made in higher capacities as per the specifications detailed by the clients.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ET-2137

          Concrete Test Hammer

          Concrete Test Hammer
          Item code: ECTM-46

          The Method is based on the principal that the rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the surface which it strikes. The Test is fast & unlikely to cause damage to the concrete.The hammer is intended for testing the quality of concrete in finished structures such as buildings and bridges. Supplied complete with carrying case and carborundum stone, the hammer is suitable for testing concrete with Compressive Strengths of 10 to 70 N/mm2. Weight 1.4 Kgs. App.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ECTM-46

          Air Entrainment Meter

          Air Entrainment Meter
          Item code: ECTM-47

          Our Air Entrainment Meters are equipped with pressure tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl Fitted with a removable flanged conical cover assembly with a seal in between. These are complete with a pressure bulb or air pump, calibrating cylinder, pressure gauge, funnel, trowel and tamping bar.

          Air Entrainment Meter, IS: 1199, IS: 9799,BS 1881-106,ASTMC231.Consists of a pressure tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl Fitted fitted with a removable flanged conical cover assembly With a seal in between. Conical cover has an air valve and a Pet cock for bleeding off the water. A cylindrical stand pipe, Which is graduated in air content, is fixed to the conical cover assembly. The whole assembly is mounted on a flat base. Each apparatus is supplied complete with a pressure bulb or Air pump, calibrating cylinder, pressure gauge, funnel, trowel and tamping bar.Air Entrainment meter 0.005 cu. Mt.(5 litre) For maximum size Aggregate 38 mm. Complete with Pressure bulb/hand pump, tamping bar, Rubber mallet, Straight edge.Air Entrainment meter 0.001 cu. Mt (10 litre) for maximum size aggregate 75 mm. Complete with Pressure hand pump, tamping bar, Rubber mallet, Straight edge.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ECTM-47

          Planter Apparatus

          Planter Apparatus
          Item code: ET-1542

          The new Plantar Test Instrument (Hargreave’s Method) measures response to infrared heat stimulus.

          Focus the infrared source below the Plantar surface and with the press of a button … latency to paw withdrawal and infrared intensity are recorded automatically (i.e. no manual scoring!). Classically the measurement of acute nociceptive thermal threshold in laboratory animals has primarily relied upon the tail flick and hot plate methods. Although both methods are still used frequently in pharmacological studies, they are not without limitation. In addition, neither method has been extended to investigating behavioural responses to hyperalgesia. The Plantar Test represents a remarkable advance in methodology, as it combines the best features of all other methods of measuring pain sensitivity. Unique to the Plantar Test, the animal is unrestrained during experiments. Moreover, time latency is recorded automatically by a fiber optic sensor, without having to rely on the experimenter observation of the animal behaviour. Data appear on the front panel and may be exported to a memory stick, or to computer via USB; software is included.

            Additional Information:
            • Item Code: ET-1542

            Air Entrainment Meter

            B Type Air Entrainment Meter
            Item code: ECTM-45 

            It consists of an aluminium vessel with built in hand operated pressure pump, connected to the measuring gauge showing directly the air content in percentage. Air content range:0÷10% div. 0.1% up to 8% and0.5% over 8%
            Dimensions :Dia. 250x450 mm

            Additional Information:
            • Item Code: ECTM-45

            Pocket Mirror Stereoscope - Adjustable

            Pocket Mirror Stereoscope Adjustable We are offering a wide range of very high quality Pocket Stereoscope to our customers. These products are used for reading aerial photograph and map study. These products are manufactured using latest technology machinery and skillful group of employees to ensure superior quality and long lasting performance. These products are known for their compact size and dimensional accuracy. These products are very accurate in compositions that are very helpful in surveying. These products are available at very affordable market price. These products are manufactured using very fine quality raw materials that are sourced from very reliable vendors. Features of Pocket Mirror Stereoscope Adjustable Export quality Reasonable price Customer centric organization Customizable

            Vicat Needle Apparatus

            Vicat Needle Apparatus

            We are dealing in best quality product like- Vicat Needle Apparatus. The procedure, as recommended in various standards, is for determining the quantity of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency. The standard consistency is attained when the 10 mm plunger of the apparatus penetrates the material to a pre-determined depth under free-fall. A new sample is prepared and tested with initial and final needles in accordance with the procedure described in various specifications.
            Specifications of Vicat Needle Apparatus 
            • Dia: (80+5)/70 + 5mm
            • At the base,(70mm+5mm) /60 mm
            • At the top: 40 mm high

            Road Measuring Wheel

            Road Measuring Wheel 
            DIGITAL Road Measuring Wheel Shift between metric and inch readings. Data storage and data recall. Modern design, all the buttons are water and dust resistant Extendable handle, easy for storage. Rubber covered measuringwheel to avoid slipping for higher.
            Professional and robust road measuring wheel with built in stand and brake. The wheel is available in metric and is ideal for any distance measuring application.
            Features of Road Measuring Wheel 
            • Measures up to 9999.99m
            • Fitted with 1 metre circumference measuring wheel
            • Large easy to read display
            • Pointer indicates start position
            • Adds forward, subtracts in reverse
            • Robust construction
            • Folding, locking handle for easy carriage
            • Retractable stand
            • Accuracy ± 1%

            Pantograph Engraving Machines

            Pantograph Engraving Machines

            Edutek are offering a wide range of Engraving Machines manufacturers, Engraving Machines suppliers, Engraving Machines producers, Engraving Machines exporters
            Specification of Pantograph Engraving Machine
            • The Two Dimensional Engraving Machines is offered in various sizes Its widely appreciated for features like easy maintenance & operation.,
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