Electrosurgical Generator

Electrosurgical Generator

EEG-149. 84 saved life in ancient times, still saving. Versatile design of generator helps to perform specialized procedures like cardiovascular, turp, neuro, thoracic, cancer, endoscopic, laproscopic, hysteroscopy, plasticand reconstructive. Isolated design directs current return to the generator significantly reducing risks of alternate site burns. Portable design permits surgeon to carry the unit from hospital to perform specialized surgical procedures economical equation in favour of both manufacturer and surgeons.

Safety the most essential feature in every electrosurgical unit. Sanjeevani's body protected & cardiac protected design, safeguards the O. R. Teammembers. User friendly operating controls of unit, helps o. R. Staff to set the parameters according to the procedures.

Electrosurgical Generator

EEG-149. 85 electro surgical generator to meet the needs of the surgical team of hospitals & day care based surgery centres. Safety and performance including isolated output and independent activation of accessories, which substantially reduces the risk of uncalled burns.

Electro surgical accessories associated with extensive array of in house developed electro surgical accessories like monopolar foot switch, bipolar foot switch, autoclavable foot controlled pencil, autoclavable bipolarforceps, s. S. Patient plate and imported hand controlled and footcontrolled pencils, speciality electrodes, disposable pregelled patientplate.

Electrosurgical Generator

  • Body protected and cardiac protected design
  • Spray - mode offers massive & rapid non-contact coagulation
  • Fulgurate - to provide effective non-contact coagulation from distance, mainly appreciated by urosurgeons and cardivascular surgeons
  • Desiccate - mode delivers better coagulation with less depth of tissue necrosis
  • Fulguration spray - to facilitate contact coagulation for precise control of individual bleeder
  • Four modes in cut
  • Pure cut with two additional blend 1 & blend 2 modes to give a surgeon, varying degree of hemostasis while cutting
  • Endocut for automatically control of c t system to reduce the complication rate of endoscopic sphincterotomy (est) & serum hyperamylasemia having power of 0 to 99%
  • Separates monopolar and bipolar mode with individual foot - switches
  • 3 Modes in bipolar

Bipolar feature: When generator is switched to

Bipolar mode: All the monopolar activities associated with hand - switch or foot-switch, are Automatically stopped to prevent uncalled burns. Bipolar provides coagulation without charring, adhesion and blanching of adjacent tissues.

Technical Specifications:
Monopolar modecutmode programs power load operating freq. Pure 99 400 w 500 ? 480 khzblend 1 99 250 w 500 ? 480 khzblend 2 99 200 w 500 ? 480 khzendocut 99 99% 500 ? 480 khzcoagmode programs power load operating freq. Spray 99 120 w 500 ? 480 khzfulgurate 99 150 w 500 ? 480 khzdessicate 99 150 w 500 ? 480 khzbipolar modemode programs power load operating freq. Soft 99 80 w 300 ? 480 khzforce 99 80 w 300 ? 480 khzcut 99 100 w 300 ? 480 khz.

Monoseal Electrosurgical Generator

Monoseal is a fully new designed line vessel sealing system with outstanding.

Technical Features:

it is controlled by microprocessor of latest technology. monoseal is very compact combination of monopolar, bipolar & sealar. All in one. Sealer is allows hemostatis by vessel compression and obliteration through emission of bipolar energy. The electrosurgical generator is able to detact the characteristics of the tissue closed between the instrument jaws it delivers the exact amount of energy needed to seal it permanently.
monoseal permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7 mm, lymphatic, tissue bundles and pulmonary vasculature. Use the body's own collagen and elastin to create a permanent fusion zone.

  • Actual measurement of tissue impedance for seal standard sockets
  • Allows surgeons to connect vast variety of accessories
  • Fast fusion cycles and more fusion zones
  • Less or no desiccation compared to most other brands

Technical specifications:

Monopolar modecutmode programs power load operating freq. Pure 99 400 w 500 ? 480 khzblend 1 99 250 w 500 480 khzblend 2 99 200 w 500 ? 480 khzendocut 99 99% 500 ? 480 khzcoagmode programs power load operating freq. Spray 99 120 w 500 ? 480 khzfulgurate 99 150 w 500 ? 480 khzdessicate 99 150 w 500 ? 480 khzbipolar modemode programs power load operating freq. Bi-coag 99 80 w 300 ? 480 khzbi-cut 99 80 w 300 ? 480 khzseal 99 0-99% 300 ? 480 khz.

Electrosurgical Generator

EEG-149. 93 generators gives consistent and repeatable output as required by the surgeon in different types of surgeries. Electro surgery generators gives best price performance ration in similar class of generators offered other manufactures and can be widely used in procedure including urology, gi, gynaecologic, orthopaedic, thoracic and plastic surgery.

Performance features:

  • Highly portable with weight of @ 4 kg.
  • Switching power supply accepts the wide range of input voltage from 170 to 270volts and hence keep the output constant throughout the range
  • Power-limiting output with automatic compensation circuit provides more consistent performance over wide range of tissue impedance
  • Patient plate monitoring system for high operational safety
  • Absolutely safe as isolated rf output provides direct current return to the generator significantly reducing the risk of alternate site burns
  • Bipolar mode provides controlled desiccation without charring, adhesion and blanching of tissues
  • True spray coag mode offers massive and rapid non-contact coagulation
  • Fulgurate coag mode for sealing bleeders
  • Desiccate coag mode for contact coagulation
  • Pure cut and two blend modes gives surgeon varying degree of hemostasis in the cut mode

Technical Specifications:

Cutmode dial power load operating freq. Pure 10 400 w 500 ? 480 khzblend 1 10 250 w 500 ? 480 khzblend 2 10 200 w 500 ? 480 khz
coagmode dial power load operating freq. Spray 10 120 w 500 ? 480 khzfulgurate 10 150 w 500 ? 480 khzdessicate 10 100 w 500 ? 480 khz
Bipolarmode dial power load operating freq. Bipolar 10 80 w 300 ? 480 khz.

Anesthesia Apparatus

Eaa-149. 94, These anesthesia apparatus equipments are used in most of the indian hospitals, laboratory and dispensaries. Edutek instrumentation has also earned a good reputation from the international community as one of the best quality anesthesia apparatus manufacturer from india. While manufacturing these anesthesia apparatus best quality standards are followed.

Features specification construction tabular, rigid, complete stainless steel sections or electrostatically powder coated mild steel sections. Rigid stainless steel top tray (size 597mm x 360 mm) extended rear platform for two 10 ltr. Water capacity cylinders. Mobility four large diameter anti static castor wheels with double ball bearing for anti-friction movement. Front castors have break. Colour coded gas specific (pin-indexed) with sliding clamping bars for cylinder yokes easy handling. two each for oxygen and nitrous oxide (5 litre water capacity) cylinders (cylinders to be ordered separately) colour coded & large diameter (63 mm) two each for oxygen and nitrous pressure gauges oxide, fitted at convenient angle for high visibility and clarity regulators designed for higher efficiency and reliability two each for oxygen and nitrous oxide. nitrous oxide regulators are activated only when oxygen regulators are pressurised to minimise the risk of administering 100% nitrous oxide. Ofwd (oxygen pneumatic device which activates audio-visual alarm when failure warning oxygen supply pressure falls to 205 kpa. Device) rotameters long (230 mm) rotating bobbling flowmeters calibrated in double/ triple scale for accuracy and clarity in reading with luminous back plate which highlights rotating bobbin even in darkened o. T. oxygen 100 ml/min to 8 liters/min nitrous oxide 200 ml/min to 12 liters/min vaporisers one plenum type ether vaporiser fully made in brass & copper and goldman halothene vaporiser supplied as standard. Space for more vaporiser of choice is provided. Non-return cum minimises risk of backflow of gases blows off when pressure relief valve pressure exceeds 200 cm of water column. Breathing attachment standard magill's circuit or bains circuit, jackson rees circuit with changeover unit (open circuit to closed circuit & vice versa). emergency oxygen flush at table top level.

  • Two built-in self sealing schrader type oxygen outlets (4. 22 kg. /cm2) for driving ventilators etc.
  • One 60 psi oxygen self sealing outlet at conventional position with flowmeter & humidifier bottle.
  • One saline stand
  • B. P. Apparatus
  • Colored plastic bins
  • Mox oxygen connection unit to attach bulk cylinders to yokes

Circle absorber complete brass body circle absorber with visible inspiratory and expiratory valve, transparent double chamber soda lime cannister which can be easily reversed and fitted. A bypass controlled through lever to divert gas flow from sodalime cannister when not in use. A circuit comprising- 2 corrugated hoses attached to swivel 'y' piece and a 2 ltr. Bag with hose. Dimensions height 156 cm depth 66 cm width 80 cm weight (unpacked) 70 kg.

Anesthesia Apparatus With Stainless Steel Trolley

A most economical compact apparatus with basic anaesthesia components featuring - rotameter set, plenum type ether vaporiser fully made in brass, goldman halothene vaporiser, outlet with emergency oxygen and relief valve at vaporiser level , mox oxygen connection unit, magill's or bain circuit with safety features such as nitrous oxide cut -off system & oxygen failure warning device and standard spares. Thus making it most cost effective apparatus without compromising safety features.

  • Provision to keep two 10 ltr. Water capacity cylinders
  • Provision to attach circle absorber

Portable Anaesthesia Apparatus

EAA-149. 98simple, safe, reliable, complete stainless steel compact structure making it a good portable, easy to transport model with features as standard rotameter, goldman halothene vaporiser, outlet unit with relief valve and emergency oxygen flush, magill's or bain circuit, seperate oxygen and nitrous oxide preset regulators with coloured coded tubings and different end fittings to avoid accidental interchangeability, nitrous cut -off system &standard spares.

Electronic Stimulator

Electronic Stimulator  - 11911
Available in five models

  • Student Stimulators Transistorised : Out put 0-25 DC in two steps, duration .5 ro 1.5ms frequency 5 to 100 c/s in 11 steps, modes, single, repetitive or an external trigger, for 220V 50Hz.
  • Student Electronic Stimulator Latest Design :
  •  Frequency continuously variable from 0.1Hz to 100Hz in 3 decades of 0.1 to 1, 1 to 10 and 10 to 100 selectable through push-button controls and one continuously variable control.
  • Output voltage continuously variable from 0 to 30V in two steps of 1 to 3 and 1 to 30, selectable through a switch.
  •  Fixed pulse duration 1m sec
  •  Single & external trig. single pulse facility
  •  Sensitive speaker to give audible indication or each output
  •  High stability new circuitry minimises external interference.
  • Stimulator General Purpose : Provides rectangular pulse of controlled amptitude 0.1 - 100V. Frequency 0.1 - 1000 PPS & width 0.01 to 100mm.
  • Research Stimulator With R.F. Isolation unit : Provides rectangular pulse of controlled polarity, Amptitude 1.5mV to 150V, frequency 0.1 to 10 KCS delay 10 micro sec to 1 sec & width 10 micro sec to 1 sec.

Soldering Station With Digital Display

Soldering Station With Digital Display - ETK-1117

Edutek are offering Soldering Station With Digital Display.

Features of Soldering Station With Digital Display
  • Adjustable temperature and a variety of available tips.
  • Grounded tip for soldering static sensitive devices.
  • Overheat protection with closed loop temperature control.
  • Improved circuit design for greater temperature stability.
  • Heat resistant soldering iron cord.
  • Built-in tray with cleaning sponge.

Specifications of Soldering Station With Digital Display
  • Power Consumption: 48 W
  • Temperature: 160 - 420 0C
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 VAC/50 Hz
  • Included with 3pcs replacement tips

PCB Work Holder

PCB Workholder - ETK-1117
Edutek are offering PCB Work Holder .
Specifications of  PCB Workholder
  •  It is used for pcb holder with magnification: 2.5x
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