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Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

Item code: ET-11630

The present Setup is designed to measure the emissivity of test plate.The test plate comprises of a mica heater sandwiched between two circular plates. Black plate is identical with test plate, but its surface is blackened. As all the physical properties,dimension and temperature are equal; heat losses from both plates will be same except radiation loss. Hence the input difference will be due to difference in emissivity.Both plates are supported on individual brackets in a wooden enclosure with one side glass to ensure steady atmospheric conditions. Temperature Sensors are provided to measure the temperature of each plate and surrounding. Supply is given to heaters through separate Variac so that temperatures of both can be kept equal and is measured with Digital Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter.

  • Determining the Emissivity of a test plate.
  • Study the variation of emissivity of test plate with respect to absolute temperature.


  • Electricity Supply: 1Phase, 220 V AC, 4 Amps.
  • Table for setup support

  • Product Name Emissivity Measurement Apparatus Test plate Dia.160mm
  • Black Plate Dia.160mm Heater (2Nos.): Nichrome Wire Heater. (One each for test plate and black plate) Temperature Sensors RTD PT 100 type (3 Nos.)
  • Control panel Digital Voltmeter: 0300Volt,
  • Digital Ammeter: 02Amps,
  • DPDT Selector switches: For Digital Voltmeter & Digital Ammeter,
  • Variac: 0230 V, 2 A, (2 Nos.) (One each for test plate and black plate)
  • Digital Temperature Indicator: 03000C, with multichannel Switch, On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc Cabinet to accommodate the slab assembly with front window of glass/acrylic The whole setup is mounted on a powder coated base plate.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ET-11630

Composite Wall Apparatus

Composite Wall Apparatus

Item code: ET-11935

  • To determine total thermal resistance & thermal conductivity of composite wall.
  • To plot temperature gradient along composite wall structure.
  • The experiments can be conducted at various values of input & calculation can be made accordingly.
  • To plot Heat flux Vs thermal conductivity in composite structure.


1. Heater Assembly.

2. Test specimen MS 2 Nos. Bakelite 2 Nos. Wood 2 Nos.

3. Assembly Mounting frame.

4. Clamp Plates 2 Nos.

5. Set of thermocouples.


  • 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator.
  • Dimmerstat : 0 - 2 A.
  • Main's On/Off Switch.
  • Voltmeter : 0 - 250 V.
  • Ammeter : 0 - 3 A.



  • 1.5 m.(L)x 1.0 m(W) table top.


Service Required :

  • 230 v Ac Supply 50 Hz.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ET-11935

Drop & Film Condensation Apparatus

Condensation In Drop & Film Apparatus

Item code: ET-11998

The aim of our Drop And Film Condensation Apparatus is to determine and compare surface heat transfer co-efficient for Drop wise condensation and Film wise condensation.


Condensation is the change in phase from the vapor state to the liquid or solid state.

It can be considered as taking place either within a bulk material or on a cooled surface and is accompanied by simultaneous heat and mass transfer.

Condensation plays a significant role in the heat rejection parts of the Rankine Power Cycle and the vapor compression refrigeration cycle, which generally involve pure substances.

De-humidification in air conditioning and the production of liquefied petroleum gases. (Examples: liquid Nitrogen and liquid Oxygen) Condensation on a cooled surface occurs in one of two ways

• Film

• Drop wise condensation.

Film Condensation:

Here, the liquid condensate forms a continuous film which covers the surface and takes place when the liquid wets the surface. This film flows over the surface under the action of gravity or other body surfaces, surface tension and / shear stresses due to vapor flow. Heat transfer to the solid surface takes place through the film which forms the greatest part of the thermal resistance.

Drop wise:

Condensation the vapor impinges on the cool wall, reducing its energy and thereby liquidifying and forming drops which grow by direct condensation of vapor on the drops and by coalescence with neighboring drops until the drops are swept off the surface by the action of gravity or other body forces, surface tension and / shear stresses to vapor flow. Drop wise condensation of steam has heat transfer co-efficient 2 to 10 times as large as film condensation. However, it has been difficult to sustain drop wise condensation commercially for long periods of time.

Prediction of Condensation Rates:

Drop wise condensation of Steam on a vertical surface.

Nu = 1.46 x 10-6 (Re)-1.63 (Pr)1/2 (p K)1.16

(Peterson and Watt waters correlation)

Where, m Cp PV = -----K 1

Re = K1DTw m1 hfg 2s (do/dt)Tvh

PK = ----------------- hfg mr2

DTW = (TV - TW)

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ET-11998

Unsteady State of Heat Transfer

Item code: ET-11987

This Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit has been designed to allow students to run experiments on unsteady state heat transfer. The unit is supplied with a heated water bath and a set of solid shapes with built-in temperature sensor to monitor the temperature at the center of the shape. Monitoring of the temperature at the centre of the shape allows analysis of heat flow using the appropriate transient-temperature/heat flow charts provided.

Unsteady State Of Heat Transfer :
  • To determine film heat transfer coefficient between the medium in which body is heated.
  • To determine film heat transfer coefficient between the medium in which body is cooled.


1.Heater Assembly.
2.Aluminum Test Cylinder.
3..Fully insulated hot bath assembly.
4.Set of thermocouples.


1. 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator.
2. Main's On/Off Switch.
3. Voltmeter :0 - 250 V.
4. Ammeter :0 - 15 A.

  • 1.5 m.(L)x 1.0 m(W) table top.
  • 230 v Ac Supply 50 Hz.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ET-11987

Modular Power Hub

Item code: 11978

We are manufacturers of finest Modular Power Hub in India and also supplies and exporters Modular Power Hubaround the world at best prices. To enquiry Modular Power Hub , please fill below form. We'll be back with you

Feature :

  • DC power cord application eliminates the use of the extension cord keeping your server room neat
  • Front panel LEDs indicate the real-time power consumtion
  • Fool-Proof plugs, avoid short-circuitry
  • Provide 8 extra power source for the connected devices
  • 4 DC receptacles on the front panel plus 4 DC receptacles on the rear panel make connections easy to reach


    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: 11978

    Hydraulic Bench

    Item code: 11977

    The Basic Hydraulic Bench is of volumetric type and has been designed to provide continuous and controlled supply of water to conduct various experiments using auxiliary modules in typical Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory. The unit is an ideal service unit for conducting student projects. Once filled, no external water supply is required. Water is recycled between the Experiment Module, Measuring Tank and the Storage Tank by the Centrifugal Pump.

    Several experiments in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics require continuous and controlled supply of water. The Basic Hydraulic Bench provides a controlled recirculation water supply to conduct experiments.

    The Basic Hydraulic Bench is a very important module and is recommended for all Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratories in Educational Institutions. It is a basic module for flow related experiments using auxiliary modules.
    A list of common experiments that can be conducted using the Basic Hydraulic Bench is given below:

    1. Impact of a Jet
    2. Flow over Weirs
    3. Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration
    4. Orifice Discharge
    5. Energy Loss in Bends
    6. Osborne Reynolds Demonstration
    7. Energy Loss in Pipes
    8. Hydrostatic Pressure
    9. Flow Visualization in Channels
    10. Dead Weight Calibrator
    11. Metacentric Height
    12. Series & Parallel Pumps
    13. Centrifugal Pump Characteristics
    14. Free and Forced Vortices
    15. Water Hammer
    16. Pelton Turbine
    17. Orifice & Free Jet Flow
    18. Flow Meter Demonstration
    19. Cavitations Phenomenon Demonstration
    20. Laminar Flow Demonstration
    21. Radial Flow Turbine
    22. Venturi, Bernouli and Cavitation
    23. Pipe Friction Apparatus
    24. Equipment for the Study of Porous Beds in Venturi Tubes
    25. Flow Channel 1m Length
    26. Depression Measurement System (Vacuum Gauge)
    27. Axial Flow Turbine
    28. Pump Impeller Display Panel


    1. Self contained and fully portable mobile unit with welded frame.
    2. Light weight body made of reinforced fiber glass and corrosion resistant materials.
    3. Closed water circuit consisting of Measuring Tank, Storage Tank and the Centrifugal Pump.
    4. Control valve to regulate the pump and adjust the flow rate.
    5. Work space on Bench Top has integrated flow channel for flow measurements using
    Weirs and is fitted with stepped edge to ensure safe and easy mounting of experiment modules.
    6. Suitable pipe connectors are provided in the Bench Top to enable easy change of experiment modules.
    7. Graduated and stepped Measuring Tank for both low and high volume flow rates.
    8. Level Indicators for water level are provided in the Open Channel and Measuring Tank.
    9. Variable area Flow Meter (10-75 liters per minute) is also provided to measure flow rate independently.
    10. Stilling baffles are provided to reduce turbulence.
    11. Sight tube with scale provided to indicate instantaneous water level.
    12. Bull’s eye level is provided to ensure proper position of the Bench and accurate reading of levels.
    13. Remote Actuator provided to operate the Dump Valve at the base of Measuring Tank
    14. Over Flow provided in Measuring Tank to avoid flooding.
    15. Separate Storage Tank Outlet facility provided to enable the Bench to be used in any hydraulic circuit.
    16. Push button starter provided for the centrifugal pump.
    17. Power supply includes over-load and under-voltage protection.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: 11977
      • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)
      • Production Capacity: Ready Stock

      Agriculture Grinder

      Item code: 11975

      Edutek - Instrumentation, Suppliers and Exporters Engineering Instruments and Equipments which are Best used for Educational purposes in Engineering Colleges. Manufactured using superior quality raw material, this machine is useful for making the roughage and rava of daliya, idli rava, sogi kesari rava and maize.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: 11975

      Gas Absorption Column

      Item code: 11973

      This apparatus is used to determine the air pressure differential across the column as a function of air flow rate at different water flow rates down the column, and flooding point can be noted. Absorption process of carbon dioxide from air-CO2 mixture into caustic soda solution, is also studied using this system.

      The system components are mounted within a floor standing painted steel framework.

      The wetted wall column is a glass column with water inlet and outlet sections and is gimbal mounted to ensure that it can be set accurately vertical.

      The deoxygenating column is of similar overall size to the wetted wall column, standing vertically adjacent to it. Beside the columns is a control console housing flow meters, pump controls and oxygen analyser. Situated between the columns are two special housings containing the oxygen analysis probes which monitor the oxygen content in the water entering and leaving the absorption column. The apparatus uses water as the working medium, contained in a storage tank at the rear of the unit. Pumps delivering water to the deoxygenator and the absorption column are located at the base of the unit.

      Dissolved oxygen at inlet and outlet can be measured in rapid succession. The water drains into the storage tank to be recycled to the deoxygenator.

      In operation, water is sparged with nitrogen in the deoxygenator before entering the top of the wetted wall column. Air is pumped by the integral diaphragm type air pump into the base of the column. The air passes up the column, giving up the oxygen to the water.


      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: 11973

      Fluid Friction Apparatus

      Item code: 11972

      • A space-saving vertical panel that works with Gravimetric or Volumetric Hydraulic Benches for easy installation.
      • Includes different valves, pipes and fittings to show losses.
      • Includes experiments on roughened pipes.
      • Shows laminar and turbulent flow.
      • Uses Bernoulli’s equation.
      • Shows how to use Venturi and orifice meters to measure flow.
      • Includes a traversing Pitot tube to measure velocity profile

      Fluid Friction Apparatus allows students to study flow, flow measurement techniques and losses in a wide variety of pipes and fittings. The equipment has three water circuits with instruments,pipes and pipe system components. These allow students to examine and compare the different component characteristics. A hydraulic bench (Gravimetric ) or Volumetric , available separately) supplies the circuit with a controlled flow of water. A space-saving vertical panel holds all the parts for easy use. To measure pressure loss across components, students use a piezometer set and differential pressure gauge (included). To perform experiments students record the temperature of water in the hydraulic bench and set the hydraulic bench to pump water through a circuit. They measure pressure losses across instruments or components. The hydraulic bench gives an external flow rate for reference and comparison. The flow measurement instruments show students the common methods of measuring water flow. They also give applications of the steady flow energy equation (Bernoulli’s equation). Students use a Venturi meter and an orifice plate meter and compare the losses of each. They also find the losses in a rapid enlargement.

      The equipment also includes a Pitot-static tube. By traversing the Pitot across the pipe diameter, students can find the velocity profile and flow coefficients. They also find the relationship between the flow rate and pressure differential.An artificially roughened pipe allows students to study friction factor at different Reynolds numbers, covering the interesting transitional flow from laminar to turbulent.They can compare results to those predicted by Nickuradse’s results and a Moody chart.

      Standard Features :
      • Supplied with a comprehensive user guide.
      • Two-year warranty.
      • Manufactured in accordance with the latest Indian Union directives.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: 11972

      Fluid Friction Apparatus

      Item code: 11971

      • Shows flow and losses in different pipes, fittings and valves. Shows popular flow measurement instruments.
      • A space-saving vertical panel that works with Gravimetric or Volumetric HydraulicBenches for easy installation.
      • Includes different valves, pipes and fittings to show losses.
      • Includes experiments on roughened pipes.
      • Shows laminar and turbulent flow.
      • Uses Bernoulli’s equation .
      • Shows how to use Venturi and orifice meters to measure flow.
      • Includes a traversing Pitot tube to measure velocity profile.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: 11971

      Flow Measurement Apparatus

      Item code: 11970

      To measure the discharge of an essentially incompressible fluid using a venturimeter, an orifice plate meter and a rotometer whilst at the same time giving applications of the steady flow energy equation (Bernoulli’s Equation).

      Determination of Head losses associated with each meter and compared as well as those arising in a rapid enlargement and a 90 degree elbow.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: 11970

      Photoresist Dip Coating Machine

      Item code: 11968
      • The Machine is tabletop and compact.
      • A single operation unit designed for coating of photo resist laminate on copper clad.
      • The machine ensure uniform controlled thickness of Photo resist on copper clad.
      • Maximum Board size : 250mm x 300mm (10" x 12").
      • Tank Capacity : 2 liters.
      • Dips one PCB at a time.
      • Motorized lead screw system.
      • Micro switch to prevent motor from getting damage.
      • Electrical power : 230V/50Hz, 5ASocket required.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: 11968

        Computerised Pressure Measurement Bench

        Item code: 11967

        Thiscomputerised pressure measurment bench(Model: 11967) is a complete laboratory bench for test and calibration of the various elements of pressure readings as defined by new specifications for the industry. The unit is also an excellent test bench for all other disciplines which involve measuring and generatingpressure. All pressure gauges are supplied with easy-to-read dial scales so that students are able to compare figures from documented records with how the pressure gauges are constructed in reality.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: 11967

        Computerized Flow Meter Calibration Equipment

        Item code: 11965

        We are manufacturers of finest Computerized Flow Meter Calibration Equipment in India and also supplies and exporters Computerized Flow Meter Calibration Equipment around the world at best prices. To enquire Computerized Flow Meter Calibration Equipment , please fill below form . We'll be back with you.

        • Cost-effective and simple to use.
        • Unique ‘quick-change’ flow meter adaptors and pressure connections.
        • Multi-tube manometer to show flow meter and overall pressure changes.
        • Optional flow meters for comparison: Venturi, orifice, nozzle and Pitot tube.
        • Shows the boundary layer effect and the fluid velocity profile – needs Pitot tube .
        • Includes hand-pump and manifold with air valve for increased measurement range.
        • Works with TecQuipment’s Gravimetric or Volumetric Hydraulic Benches for easy installation.

        DescriptionThe Flow Meter Calibration apparatus is for use by all kinds of engineering students. It compares and shows the accuracy and use of the optional fundamental flow meters. Any of the optional flow meters quickly and easily fit into place between the adaptors in the base unit of theapparatus. Four water-filled manometers show the pressure differences at the flow meter and across the overall flow meter assembly. The manometers have a common manifold fitted with an air valve. Students use the handpump (included) to increase the air pressure in the manifold. This ‘offsets’ the manometer measurement (adjusts the datum).The straight pipe (included) gives a comparison of the true pressure losses caused by the flow meters.The optional Pitot Tube Flow Meter will also show the velocity profile in a pipe. This helps to explain the ‘boundary layer’ and surface friction in pipes and flow channels.Note: You must order at least one of the optional flow meters to use with the Flow Meter Calibration apparatus.

        Standard Features :

        • Supplied with a comprehensive user guide.
        • Two-year warranty.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: 11965

        Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

        Item code: 11964

        Our expertise in the field of manufacturing has helped us satisfy the expectations of our clients. The Sedimentation Studies are high quality equipments which are manufactured at our ultramodern infrastructure facility in compliance with the prevailing industrial standards. These are supplied to clients in different specifications at affordable market prices. Known for their sturdy designs and durable exterior, these equipments are highly demanded by chemical engineering laboratories.

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: 11964

        Rising Film Evaporator

        Item code: 11962

        Edutek  evaporator processes samples in smallest volume under production conditions, sufficient to reveal the effect of heating on any ingredients.

        Having single tube-in-jacket evaporator.with longer tubes within the steam space. feed tank, vapour/liquid separator, condenser, concentrate tank, condensate tank, CIP pump and vacuum pump, all manufactured from stainless steel, PTFE and glass.

        A sturdy framework and requires only connection to suitable steam, electrical and water services for operation.


        Less floor space is required to install the evaporator and can to fit easily into a room of standard height.


        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: 11962

        Ribbon & Cone Blender

        Item code: 11961

        We offer process equipment such as ribbon blender, double cone blender, reaction vessel, universal centrifuge, heat exchanger and condenser, ball mill, industrial tray dryer, high speed stirrer mixer, high speed disperser.

        Ribbon blenders are widely used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules & powders. The blender comprises a 'U' shaft with two sets of spiral ribbons, one inside the other. Inner and outer ribbons are perfectly arranged, that during rotation, the material reaches each corner of the trough and imparts radial & linear motion to the whole of the material to be mixed. Our range of ribbon blenders are based on a proven agitator construction that provides a triple mixing action ensuring fast, efficient blending.


        • The complete assembly is mounted on a MS/ SS structure
        • The material is moved from side of the trough to the center and vice versa resulting in quick & homogeneous mixing
        • Double ribbon configuration also brings material towards central bottom outlet while discharging
        • A specially designed valve is provided at the center or butterfly valve for discharge
        • Blending is achieved in semi-fluidized state in the upper zone of the trough when used for fine powders
        • Machine can be provided with spray nozzles with pressure spraying system for spraying additives in blenders
        • Ribbon blender can also be used as dryer by providing jacket on the trough


          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11961

          Reverse Osmosis Ultra Filtration Unit

          Item code: 11960

          Edutek RO/UF unit is the smallest known industrial membrane system of its type in the world. It is designed specifically for laboratory scale testing of both reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration techniques.

          The 11960 is fully self-contained in a mobile cabinet. Comprehensive instrumentation is provided with digital meters displaying temperatures and system pressure. In addition to the membrane module, the cabinet also houses feed and permeate tanks, a plate heat exchanger and positive displacement pumps. Connection to cooling water and a suitable electrical supply is all that is required for normal operation.

          All parts in contact with the process fluid are constructed from hygienic design materials such as stainless steel, PTFE and silicone rubber.

          The RO/UF unit has an efficient clean-in-place facility and is easily dismantled for servicing or maintenance.

          Membranes can be installed or removed rapidly for use in either process.

          The filtration membranes differ only in length and quantity from those installed in the full-scale plant. Using small quantities of process fluid, operating parameters can be established and then optimised to effect a confident transition to full-scale.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11960

          Rapid Extractor

          Rapid Extractor
          Item code: 11958

          Laboratory Scale Rapid Extractor is used to extract the active constituents from materials in laboratory scale batch sizes.
          The Edutek 11958 uses high pressure and extraction phases to achieve a rapid extraction of the active materials with minimum degradation to the product

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11958

          Pressure Measurement & Calibration

          Item code: 11957

          This apparatus enables a commercial Bourdon tube pressure gauge to be accurately calibrated using a dead weight tester. Usual practice is to load gauges using oil to transmit the known pressures; however. For ease of use and cleanliness in operation, this apparatus is specially deigned for use with water instead of oil.

          This equipment consists of a stainless piston which is free to move vertically in a closely fitting cylinder. A transparent flexible hose connects the cylinder to the pressure gauge. Its internal mechanism is clearly visible through the transparent dial.

          Integral with the piston is a loading platform upon which known weights are placed during the test. All air is expelled from the system by tilting and gently tapping the cylinder.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11957

          Extraction Screw Press

          Item code: 11956

          Description :

          Seed or ground meal is gravity fed to the press from an integral feed hopper fitted with a manually operated shut-off slide. The thickness of the press cake may be varied. The press is driven at the discharge end through a single reduction helical gearbox.

          The power source is a 4kW, 4 pole, 3 phase electric motor.

          Technical Specification : 

          • Screw press, having barrel constructed from separate cast rings spaced apart by shims. 
          • 60mm diameter bore, 155mm drainage length with single piece wormshaft driven at the discharge end through a single reduction helical gearbox. 
          • Complete with feed hopper, manual feed chute, oil discharge chute and suitable base plate. 
          • Includes: one 4kW, 4 pole motor, 1440 rpm with a starter including two pulleys and three belts to give a 2.35:1 reduction.


          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11956

          Liquid Chromatograph Digital

          Item code: 11954

          A single source of authoritative information on all aspects of the practice of modern liquid chromatography suitable for advanced students and professionals working in a laboratory or managerial capacity

          • Chapters written by authoritative and visionary experts in the field provide an overview and focused treatment of a single topic
          • Comprehensive coverage of modern liquid chromatography from theory, to methods, to selected applications
          • Thorough selected references and tables with commonly used data to facilitate research, practical work, comparison of results, and decision making
          • Extensive original tables and figures, placing recent research developments into a general context
          • Worked examples, intuitive explanations, and clear figures reinforce learning
          1. Analoge model are Available.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11954

          Venturi Meter

          Item code: 11991

          An educational Venturi tube that allows students to study the Venturi meter and Bernoulli's Theorem and to make direct comparisons between the results obtained by experimentation and those predicted by theory.

          A Venturi meter is used to determine the flow rate of fluid in a pipe. Venturi Meter is comprised of a horizontal Venturi tube, a downstream flow-control valve and eleven pressure tappings connected to water manometers (piezometers). A common manifold above the piezometers includes an air pressure control valve.

          The inclusion of eleven piezometers allows study of the pressure distribution along the convergent-divergent passage within the Venture tube.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11991


          Item code: 11994

          High temperature gas-cooled reactors use helium as coolant, ceramics as coating for fuel particles, and graphite as reactor core structural materials. The HTGR is recognized worldwide as an inherently safe reactor.
          ¡¡Coated particles are used as its fuel. The particles are black, spherical and less than 1 mm in diameter. The fuel kernel of the particles is made of uranium oxide or carbide and coated by four thin layers of special carbon and silicon carbide ceramic to protect the kernel and prevent it from releasing products generated by nuclear fission. Kernals coated with carbon and silicon carbide have greater heart-resistance than those coated with metallic materials, and do not melt down even at temperatures above 1,000.
          ¡¡Helium is used to cool the reactor core, which reaches about 1,000 with the heat transferred to the helium. The heated helium is removed from the reactor after circulating in the core and used for various experiments. Being chemically insert, helium cannot react with fuel and structural materials, which makes it extremely safe at high temperatures and the best coolant to remove the dense heat flux.
          ¡¡As structural material in the core, graphite has excellent properties such as low neutron absorption, minimal radiation damage, superb heat resistance and high thermal conductivity. This graphite function to protect the fuel and maintain fission reaction by moderating the speed of neutrons generated.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11994


          Product description:
          Item code: 11986

          This Stroboscope is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. Although complex and advanced, it is convenient to use and operate. Its ruggedness will allow many years of use.

          Specifications :

          Display :10 mm (0.4") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with function annunciation.
          Parameters Measured :FPM (Falshes Per MInute)
          Ranges : 2350 A :50 12,000 FPM
          Resolution :0.1 FPM (50 999.9 FPM)
          1 FPM (over 1000 FPM)
          Accuracy :+ (0.05%n+1d)
          Sampling Time :0.4 second
          Operating Temp :0 40°C, Power supply 220V
          A.C. (default) 110V A.C.
          Size :220x130x115mm (8.6x5.1x4.5 inch), Weight about 1000 g.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11986

          Sharp Edge Orifice Meter

          Item code: 11985 

          We are manufacturers of finest Sharp Edge Orifice Meter in India and also supplies and exporters Sharp Edge Orifice Meter around the world at best prices. To enquire Sharp Edge Orifice Meter, please fill below form. We'll be back with you

          • Measurement of two phase flow is very important for geothermal steam field management.
          • Existing measurements techniques are reviewed and the advantages of the sharp edge orifice plate are presented.
          • Existing two phase flow correlations using the orifice plate are examined using field data from several geothermal fields.
          • It was demonstrated that none of the existing correlations can be universally applied without case by case calibration.
          • A new time discreet model was developed and tested and is currently used by the geothermal industry.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11985

          Pressure Measurement Trainer Model

          Item code: 11984

          Pressure Measurement Trainer comprises of strain gauge based pressure cell, foot pump to build the pressure, pressure tank fitted with release valves and a bourdon pressure gauge. Digital pressure indicator to read the pressure in Kg / Cm² is provided.

          Pressure Sensor : Strain gauge based,
          capacity 10 Kg/cm²Indicator : 3½ digit to read upto ±1999 counts.
          Bridge Balancing : Potentiometer Bridge
          Excitation : 10V DC
          Resolution : 0.1 Kg/cm²
          Power Supply : 230V ±10%@50Hz Accessories Pressure chamber with Dial gauge, Foot air pump.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11984

          Pitot Tube

          Item code: 11982

          Extendable (using poles provided) straight Pitot static tube. 6mm diameter, stainless steel. Straight design provides much easier access to those awkward and difficult ducts.Accessories included with the Pitot tube:1m lengths of flexible silicon tubing (2)300mm x 10mm extension poles (3)Directional pointerInstruction manual (for ST & TT series micro manometers)

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11982

          PCB Roller Tinning MC

          Item code: 11980

          We are manufacturers of finest PCB Roller Tinning Mc in India and also supplies and exporters PCB Roller Tinning Mc around the world at best prices. To enquire PCB Roller Tinning Mc , please fill below form . We'll be back with you

          Our machine is used for tin application on P.C.B. with help of solder Flux. The machine gear is done with aluminum material and tank of stainless steel. Its heater is inserted in stainless steel pipe and it has good insulation and controller for temperature. Further, its upper roller is non drive made of special rubber and its lower roller is controlled drive having R.P.M. 20.

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: 11980

          Model of Corlis Valve Steam Engine

          Steam Engine Model with a Boiler

          Steam Engine Model with a Boiler  11995

          Operation of a commercial steam engine is well illustrated with this working model. The extra large size unit Is provided with a horizontal boiler with a whistle, safety valve, steam gauge, heating lamp and a small dynamo model.

          Model of Steam Engine

          Model Of Steam Engine

          Model no : EEGN-0108

          Locomotive design showing cross section of the piston and sliding valve as positioned in the steam chamber Cylinder, clearly visible through air tight glass plate with forward and reverse motion, smooth enough to demonstrate working even by blowing. Other parts are also clearly visible such as crankshaft, valve control, drive wheel etc. Mounted on heavy metal base.

          Radial Drilling Machine

          Radial Drilling Machine  ETRDM-50

          We provide our customers with high quality Master Radial Drilling Machine. The machine features the latest ribbed high graded cast structure that enhances its sturdiness. The machine is precision engineered to achieve high dimensional accuracy, which is critical for the smooth and trouble free operation of the machine. These machines are avail to our client in a very affordable price rates.

          Features of Radial Drilling Machine

          • Completely tested
          • Consume least power
          • Long functional life
          Technical specifications of Radial Drilling Machine
          • Standard Accessories
          • Optional accessories
          • Electrical with control panel
          • Tilting work table
          • T- Slotted work table
          • Taping Attachment
          • Maintenance & Instruction manual
          • Low voltage halogen work light
          • Complete coolant system

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ETRDM-50
          • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

          CNC Milling Machine

          CNC Milling Machine ETK-8001

          We are manufacturer and exporter of CNC Milling machine .

          Features of CNC Milling Machine

          Brushless Motor 1kWScrap Collection DeviceSpindle Motor Speed Max. 5000rpmContain Fourth Axes Connection Socket

          Specifications of CNC Milling Machine

          Drilling Capacity: 16mm (0.6”)Worktable Size: 500x160mm (22” x 6.3”)Worktable T-Slot Size: 12mm (0.5”)Max. Loading of Worktable: 35 kgTable Travel x axes: 280mm (11”)Table Travel y axes: 120mm (4.7”)Table Travel z axes: 270mm (11”)X Axes Feeding Motor Power: 4NmY Axes Feeding Motor Power: 4NmZ Axes Feeding Motor Power: 6NmX/ Y/ Z Axes Max. Moving Speed: 2m/minX/ Y/ Z Axes Feeding Speed: 500mm/minThroat: 232mm (5.9”)Position Precision: 0.015mmRepeat Positioning Precision: 001mmSpindle Taper: MT3#/R8/ISO30Spindle Speed: 100-5000rpmSpindle Motor: 1kwMachine Size (LxWxH): 1280x895x1845mmPacking Size (LxWxH): 1420x1060x2035mmG.W./N.W.: 570/510 kg

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: ETK-8001
          • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

          Laboratory Fatigue Testing Machine

          Laboratory Fatigue Testing Machine  11909

          Digital direct shear box, floor mounted with carriage assembly and load hanger with 10:1 lever loading device.To accept the following sample sizes:60mm diameter60mm square100mm diameter100mm square2.5 inch diameter Features
          Microprocessor controlled digital stepper motor Control via the digital display with keyboard Return datum facility Fully steplessly variable speed over the range of 0.00001 to 9.99999mm/minuteRS232 port Forward/reverse travel limit switches Will accept either analogue or digital measuring devices.

          Hydraulic Bench with Pelton

          Hydraulic Bench Computerised  11913

          Technical Specification OF Hydraulic Bench Computerized:

          Same as above Basic Hydraulic Bench But Controlled with Computer Interface On & Off (Voltage , Temperature, Flow Rate, and Pressure)

          Additional Information:
          • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)
          • Production Capacity: Ready Stock
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