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CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Lathe Machine - ETCLM-53
These CNC Lathe Machine undergo various tests before delivering the clients in order to ensure their high performance and long service life. Our vendors use the most advanced technology and the finest quality components in the fabrication of these machines. 
Specification of CNC lathe Machine
  • CNC Lathe with Industrial control, Electrical Control Box, Central
  • Automatic Lubrication System, LM Guides for X & Z Axes, 8 Station
  • Programmable Turret, Flood Coolant System of Capacity 100 Litre,
  • 165mm - 3 Jaw S.C. Chuck.
  • Number of production axis : 2 axis
  • Programmable turret : 8 position
  • The machine is built in grey cast iron base with integrated coolant tank.
  • Industrial CNC control system
  • Hydraulic Chuck and manual tailstock, removable chip tray.
  • Automatic lubrication system and adjustable flood coolant system
  • Chuck Size 165mm
  • Chuck Type Manual /Hydraulic
  • Maximum turning Diameter 200mm
  • Maximum turning Length 300mm
  • Bed type 45 deg Slant bed
  • No. of axes no 2
  • Swing over way covers / carriage 410mm
  • Swing over cross slide 160mm
  • Swing over bed 528mm
  • Distance between centers 380mm
  • Height of center from floor 1060
  • Positioning Accuracy mm 0.01
  • Positioning Accuracy 0.01
  • Repeatability ±0.005
  • Spindle nose taper A2-5
  • Bore through spindle 52
  • Bar stock Dia for Manual chuck 51
  • Bar stock Dia for Pnu / Hyd chuck 38
  • Spindle Bearing Front Inner Dia 80
  • Spindle Bearing Front Outer Dia 125
  • Spindle Bearing Rear Inner Dia 70
  • Spindle Bearing Rear Outer Dia1 10
  •  Programmable spindle speed 150 – 6000rpm
  •  Control system SIEMENS
  •  Tool cross section 20x20
  • No. of Station no. 10 (BTP 63)
  • Boring bar size(capacity) 32
  •  X- axis travel 140
  • Z - axis Travel 380
  •  Ball Screw X / Z Ø32 x 10 - C3 Class
  •  Programmable feed rate 0-10000mm/min
  •  Rapid feed rate 30000mm/min
  • Axis motor X / Z Type AC SERVO MOTOR
  • Axis motor X / Z Torque Nm Siemens 6
  •  Axis motor X / Z Power kW Siemens 1.74
  • Slides Linear Motion Guide ways

Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine - ETLM-51
We are manufacturer and Exporter of Lathe Machine . Offered machines can be installed easily and work smoothly. These lathe Machine undergo various tests before delivering the clients in order to ensure their high performance and long service life. Our vendors use the most advanced technology and the finest quality components in the fabrication of these machines. 
Descriptions of Lathe Machine
  • Automatic lathe machine Overall maximum dimensions of machine
  • Horizontal Spindle; Maximum work diameter 460mm; Maximum distance
  • between centres680 mm;
  • Maximum work length 710mm; Speed range of cutter spindle: - 160 to 2500 rpm; Z acis feed range: 0.315 to 1,7mm/R;
  • Tailstock taper : T4 Metric tapping 0.1 mm to 14 mm.

Accessories of Lathe Machine
Centers (revolving dead center, a micro-set adjustable dead center, a self-driving live center; Lathe dogs (standard bent tail, straight tail, safety clamp and clamp type; Three Jaw universal geared scroll chuck and a four-jaw independent chuck; Collets: 295 No. ; Fingers: 150 No. Cutting tools:
Tool-holders -
Mechanically held carbide tools, Clamped insert lathe tools Left-hand offset, Right-hand offset, straight carbide; General-purpose lathe tool-bit with various lake angles (-150 to 00 to +350); Cut-off tools, Thread cutting tools. Knurling tools: A set of tapes (three: Fine, medium and coarse). Functions: Turning, cutting-off, internal and external threads cutting and drilling.

Spot Welding Machine

Spot Welding Machine  ED-19600

Edutek are manufacturer and Exporter of all type Welding Machine. Spot Welding Machine.

Specification of Spot Welding Machine
  • The resistance welding process in spot welding floor type by foot
  • operated control, minimum capacity 15 KVA.
  • Technical specification of Spot Welding Machine
  • Electricity supply AC. 220/380 Volt/3 Phase/50 Hz, fitted with
  • groundleage cable. Water cooled.
  • Ability to spot mildsteel, galvanized sheet and stainless steel at minimum
  • thickness 1.2 + 1.2 mm.
  • Minimum throat depth 250 mm. By mechanism pressing.
  • Adjustable current range not less than 5 ranges or equivalent system
  • Having automatic timing control and magnetic control.
  • Electrode arm has hole for clamping electrode holder in vertical and
  • slope line.
  • Having minimum 3 sets of electrode (Straight, slope and elbow head.)
  • Water receiver for cooling by motor pump, electrical supply 220 Volt
  • single phase 50 Hz.
Accessories of Spot Welding Machine
  • Tool box with tools 1 set.

Welding Training Set

Welding Training Set

Model No : ETWTS-55

Edutek are manufacturer and Exporter of Welding Training Set.

Specification of Welding Training Set :
  • A manual welding simulation trainer (educational system) on butt and
  • corner joints for MMAW (Manual Metal Arc Welding), SMAW, FCAW,
  • GTAW TIG, MIG and MAG welding processes.The purpose is to familiarize trainee the basic skills before going to the real practice.
  • 1-set each welding heads for practical training on MMAW, MIG, and TIG
  • With monitor screen and Video glasses having High Resolution LCD.
  • 640x480.
  • Including thermoprinter with printing paper.
  • Faults and defects can be reported through monitor screen andcan be printed out.
  • Electrical supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase With welding helmet set.
  • including audio system.
  • 2-rolls of printing paper min.

MIG Welding Machine

Mig Welding Machine 


The constant voltage MIG welding machine, complete with wire feeder unit andswitch controlling flowing of shielding gas. Consist of moving parts whichconvenient and safety as welding.
Technical specification of MIG Welding Machine

  • Maximum welding current not less than 240 Amp., Minimum 100% duty cycle
  • at 180 Amp.
  • Electricity supply AC. 220/380 Volt 3 phase 50 Hz., Consist of spot welding
  • accessories.
  • Having gas flow solenoid valve.
  • Built in ON-OFF switch., Double wire feeder for aluminum wire, diameter 0.8-1.2 mm.
  • Welding gun 300 Amp., air-cooled and complete fitted with ON-OFF switch
  • as semi automatic or automatic at holder, 3 metre air-cooled hose assembly
  • with swaged welding gun.
Accessories of MIG Welding Machine
Having carriage for all parts with a bracket for CO2, Argon cylinder on solidrubber wheels.1 set., Return cable made of multi stranded high grade copper cross section 50 mm2 as AS, BS, VDEstandard (quantity of copper wire 1,558/0.2 pieces) complete with brass ground clamp, 300 Amp min. length 5 metre1 piece., Having 3 core rubble-sheathed flexible primary cable, cross section 6 mm2, 4 metre long., Included CO2cylinder minimum flow rate 0-30 litre/min. with heater 1 set., Having guide conduit for steel welding and aluminumwelding 1 set of each., Welder's hand shield and helmet made of super tuff nylon, complete with clear and filter glass. 1set. , Steel wire reel diameter 0.8 mm.
Capacity of MIG Welding Machine
15 Kg. 1 pack., Aluminum wire reel diameter 1.2 mm. capacity 1 pack., Welder's apron and arm protection 1 set.,Contact tip diameter 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2 mm., 5 of each., Welding gloves for MIG (gauntlet) 1 pair., Stainless wire brush. 2pieces., Spray torch cleaner 2 sets., Stainless wire reel diameter 0.8 mm. 1 reel., Spirally wound wire guide for steel andaluminum 1 set of each.

Tap And Die Sets

Tap And Die Sets - ETK-1119

Features of Tap And Die Sets
Made from high carbon steel and should contains tapered adjusting screw, providing a range of tolerances for screw/nut matching
Specifications of Tap And Die Sets
Consist of:
  •  34 PCs, tap and die set in plastic box, consist of :
m3 x 0.5, m3 x 0.6, m4 x 0.7, m4 x 0.75, m5 x 0.8, m5 x 0.9, m6 x 0.75,m6 x 1.0, m7 x 0.75, m7 x 1.0, m8 x 1.0, m8 x 1.25, m10 x 1.25, m10 x1.5, m12 x 1.5, m12 x 1.75, 1/8 NPT27• 1 PC tap wrench (m3 - m12)• 1 PC “T” type tap wrench• 1 PC die stock 25 mm• 1 PC screwdriver• 1 PC screw pitch gauge

Horizontal Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

Horizontal Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw - ETHVB-54

Descriptions of Horizontal Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw.
Automatic Horizontal Band saw, Digital Programmable Control, Bundling Attachment, Swivel Mitering Work Head, Hydraulic Vises, Coolant Blade speed: 2 m/min to 10 m/min; Max work load: 2250 Kg Capacity: Blade Width: 32 mm; Thickness: 8 mm Band Saw 16"x18";Rect-Cap (W): 18" / 457.2 mm; Rect-Cap (H): 16" / 406.4 mm; Rounds-Cap: 18" / 457.2 mm; Square-Cap: 16" / 406.4 mm; Power: 7.5 hp / 5.6 kW; 220/440 V AC
Functions: For cutting-off of metal plates and rods beam and blooms
Features of Horizontal Band Saw Power Machine
  • Fully automatic height setting of the saw frame
  • Hydraulic saw blade tensioning with electrical monitoring
  • Hydraulic material clamping
  • Steplessly adjustable material gripper clamping pressure
  • Three speeds to cut everything from brass and aluminum to rugged alloy and tool steels
  • Gravity feed cutting pressure adjustment in horizontal position
  • Comes with blade and heavy duty stand
  • 0-55° left miter cuts on horizontal
  • Two-position rocker switch with safety lock-off
  • Overweight Item subject to 14.95 additional Freight Charge.
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